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All Texas Refrigeration & Coffee Company

Houston, TX



(713) 522-8775


All Texas Refrigeration & Coffee Company
1918 Taft Street
Houston, TX 77006

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Steven Mayer says:
Dear Sales, We would like to ask for the price quote of the following items below: Granulated Sugar 50lbs Jasmine White Rice or Basmati Rice 20lbs Vegetable Oil/Pure Soybean Oil 35lbs Non Fat Dry Milk Low Heat 50LBS French door Refrigerators (36 wide in stainless steel) Gas Ranges and oven Kindly provide your company credit application form, with a quote and lead time. We need these items for our upcoming project and we are interested in working with your company. Terms - Purchase Order - Net-30 Payment Terms if available. This will enable us to submit a purchase order upon approval. Thank you, Steven Mayer Quantaservicesenergy 2800 Post Oak Blvd, Suite 2600 Houston TX 77056 Tel: (346) 707-3122 Email: stevenmayer@quantaservicesenergy.com